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LIVE  classes via Zoom + songbook and music
+ Bonus Song Videos

Starts Wed., Dec. 2nd

WINTER 2020 TUITION ($242 for 12 weeks of Zoom classes, plus materials + videos)

Your tuition includes:

* 10 weeks of 5 Zoom classes each week (you can attend just one, all five, or a different number each week -- your choice! The 5 Zoom classes equal 2 full regular, in-person classes each week)

* TWO BONUS weeks (a total of 12 weeks of winter classes!)

* Illustrated songbook, CD, and download code mailed to your home (new families also receive a Parent Guide)

* FREE for siblings of any age! All children in your household can participate in the winter Zoom classes

* BONUS SONG VIDEOS -- song videos with Miss Laurie to sing along with any time! 



* You can attend as many of the five classes each week as you like

* All five Zoom classes are the equivalent to two of our regular, 45-minute in-person classes.

* You'll get your songbook, CD, and download code by mail 

* Winter tuition is for your whole family. All children in a household can participate!

* Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes are each 15 minutes. Saturday and Sunday classes are each 22 minutes.

* It's OK to wear PJS to class!

* It's OK if your child moves around the room or even leaves the screen during class -- no one expects a little one to sit the whole time.

* If the State of New Jersey allows for in-person classes prior to the end of the winter, we'll offer some in-person classes in addition to the Zoom classes for those who would like to attend.


Register below with a credit or debit card via Paypal*, or mail registration form with your check to:

Music Together®
P.O. Box 4138
Warren, NJ 07059


  • Tuition is not refundable, although credit toward future classes may be given in exceptional circumstances. If you're new to Music Together, please attend a preview class before enrolling!
  • Make-ups are available within the session that you're enrolled. Up to two classes may be made up. If you have an exceptional circumstance (extended illness, family emergency), please let us know immediately!
  • Joining mid-session? We're happy to offer additional make-up classes during the session, to replace the first classes you missed.
  • Please bring only well children to class; you can make up your missed class.
  • Child guests are $25/class, or bring a guest for free instead of a needed make-up class.
  • Please leave food and drinks in your bag; some children in our classes have food allergies.
  • Please keep toys, books, and dolls at home; it's hard for toddlers to share things from home!
When you enroll, you'll receive a CD, digital download code, and songbook (new families also get a Parent Guide). Please let us know right away if there is an issue with your class materials, (such as a CD that doesn't play). We cannot offer replacement materials after the third week of classes.

You're registered for a class once we receive your payment. You'll receive confirmation via e-mail, text, or phone call. Please indicate a 2nd choice class on your registration form. Music Together reserves the right to cancel or combine a class that has fewer than 8 children enrolled.